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"It's all about Love" - Jonny Dark

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Meet the Band

WHO’S “Jonny Dark” ?

In 1983 Neal Grandstaff (a.k.a. Jonny Dark) and Dan Stueber played their first gig together and found a real musical connection, in Portland, Oregon. Since then they've had a joyful musical journey together, playing countless gigs and musical projects, including Jonny Dark & The Wondertones.

Over the years there have been many incarnations of Jonny Dark & The Wondertones, but, this newest version, was “one to record”.

Like Neal and Dan's experience together, this CD is a musical journey.

From the opening cut, John Carpenter's Escape from New York, down Route 66 from Chicago to LA, it’s love found, love lost and found again. The really fresh horn and string arrangements were penned by long time partner and keyboardist Joe Millward and the other members agree this is what sets The Wondertones apart and takes it all to another level.

With an organic feel, the CD is also a tribute to some of the greatest musical inspirations of all time. From John Carpenter to Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis to Van Morrison, Mose Allison to BB King, Nancy Wilson to Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Guy to Asleep At The Wheel..... it’s a wonderful ride.

WHO ARE “The Wondertones” ?

A group of 7 horns, 3 guitars, 2 keyboards, bass, drums, 2 backup/feature singers and a 5 member String section. The band is funky, bluesy, and jazzy, with great vocalists and solo instrumentalists, we call it......“Progressive R&B”!

We call The Wondertones' style Progressive R&B because, it is truly a blend of Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Rock from the 40’s through the 80’s, so...... “Progressive R&B”.

The Wondertones are always right at home entertaining and performing at special events, festivals, private or corporate parties and gatherings, casinos and concert style theater venues. They’re a joy to hear, fun to watch and don’t forget... the dancing... And, the love. It’s all about the love.

Here's the “Players”

  • Rhythm Section
  • Drums   Dan Stueber
  • Bass/Vocals   Ray Brassfield
  • Piano/Organ/Arrangements   Joe Millward
  • Guitars/Vocal   Neal Grandstaff
  • Vocalist
  • Brian Rose
  • “The Tone-ettes”
  • Chrissy Faith
  • Linda Hornbuckle
  • Horns & Strings
  • “The Horns-o-Plenty Orchestra”
  • 1st Trumpet   Rich Cooper
  • 2nd Trumpet   Lewis Livermore
  • Trombone   John Moak
  • Tenor/Alto/Flute/Bari   Clark Bondy
  • Flute/Alto/Bari/Tenor   Tim Jensen
  • Alto/Flute/Tenor   Gary Harris
  • Bari/Tenor/Alto/Flute   Tim Bryson
  • Violin   Nelly Kovalev
  • Violin   Paloma Griffin
  • Viola   Jen Arnold
  • Cello/Section Leader   Hamilton Cheifetz
  • String Bass   Dave Captein

“Players” from the Video

  • Rhythm Section
  • Drums   Dan Stueber
  • Bass/Vocals   Ray Brassfield
  • Piano/Organ/Vocals   Brian Rose
  • Guitar   Neal Grandstaff
  • Guitar   Kendall Lee
  • Guitar   Gayle Farley
  • Vocalists
  • “The Tone-ettes”
  • Chrissy Faith
  • Vickie Stevens
  • Horns & Strings
  • “The Horns-o-Plenty Orchestra”
  • 1st Trumpet   Robert Palowski
  • 2nd Trumpet   Dr. Chris Chapman
  • Trombone   Brian Palowski
  • Alto/Flute   Clark Bondy
  • Alto   Elizabeth Poore
  • Tenor/Flute   Michael Bard
  • Tenor   Wes Tjurnland
  • Bari   Megan Igl
  • Violin   Jon Newton
  • Violin   Alex Hargreaves
  • String Bass   Carl Egbert

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More Great Music by the Wondertones

Dan Stueber with Jonny Dark and the Wondertones

As usual our “Groove Police” have decided to bust Dan Stueber for being “too hip for the room”!

But, cool jazz fans, not to worry. Dan has assured his fellow Wondertones members Joe, Ray, and Neal that he will keep the groove cool and accessible for all the cool cats and chicks out there in Hipsville.

Jonny Dark and the Wondertones Jonny Dark and the Wondertones Jonny Dark and the Wondertones

Meet the Band

The Wondertones core group is comprised of a four piece rhythm section and a single solo guitar, rather than the usual sax, trumpet or vocalist. This is the “Old School”, “Cool Jazz” side of the group. Tantalizing your 50s and 60s beat generation cravings for a bygone instrumental jazz era.

Accessible jazz with be-bop and pop underpinnings of the time. The radio stations that played this style were on every hipsters dial back in the day.

So put us on and take a cool trip to the “Cool Jazz” era with “47 Minutes”. “It’s the coolest, Daddy-oh”. “Dig it!”

String Theory


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